Unlock the Full Potential of Financial Data with Open-Finance.ai's API

Open-Finance.ai empowers financial institutions and businesses to unlock the full potential of the customers' financial data, facilitating the creation of inclusive, efficient, and empowering solutions through the synergy of open banking technology, AI, and data.


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Leading financial institutions and fintechs companies rely on Open-Finance.ai's technology to establish connections with financial accounts, extract valuable insights from transaction data, and construct enhanced financial experiences that drive business growth and enhance consumer outcomes.

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“Open-Finance.ai's team provided a personalized touch and unmatched attention to detail, showcasing their commitment to building something meaningful alongside us. This is a true partnership, enabling us to harness the transformative power of open banking.”

Mimun Yashir Team
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Our Founder

Itzik Gini | Founder & CEO

Following over 20 years of dedicated professional experience, Itzik Gini, the CEO of Open-Finance.ai, leverages his extensive expertise in bridging the worlds of people, business requirements, and Information Technology (IT). With a history of nurturing tech startups from conception to deployment, Itzik is recognized as a resolute leader, a dependable team collaborator, and an approachable mentor for startups seeking guidance. It is this dedication that drives his vision for Open-Finance.ai as a key player in the evolving landscape of open banking.

Our Vision

At Open-Finance.ai, we envision a future where financial services transcend boundaries, connecting individuals and businesses seamlessly. Our platform empowers our customers with unprecedented access to financial data, fostering a new era of open banking.

Our Story

March 2021
License Obtained
May  2021
1st Client Onboarded
July 2022
Strategic Partnerships
September 2023
Scaling Operations
February 2021
Product Launch
April 2021
1st API Integration
June 2021
1st Payment Processing
August 2023
To be continued :)
October 2023

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Open-Finance.ai & FICO Revolutionize Financial Decisions

FICO and Open-Finance.ai partner to transform decision-making speed and precision in credit and insurance.

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Israel's Payments Revolution: Open-Finance.ai's Strategic Involvement.

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